Hi my name is Taylor, I am a very smart and social person, I am very athletic, .. I will be 16 on september 7th.and I love doing alot of stuff in one day but I have have a top there things that i love to do all the time........
  • Hanging out with my friends, family, and boyfriend
  • I also love to read.
  • Listen to music.


Scavenger Hunt

Tsunami Scavenger hunt!

1. At one time in history a tsunami was not called a tsunami it was given incorrect name. What was that name?
2. Does the term tsunami come from the Spanish? True or False?
3. How does a tsunami begin to form?
4. A Tsunami causes damage by how many mechanisms?
5. If the first part of a tsunami to reach land is a trough—called a?
6. True or False? As with earthquakes, several attempts have been made to set up scales of tsunami intensity or magnitude to allow comparison between different events.
7. True or False? The wave further slows and amplifies as it hits land. Only the largest waves crest.
8. Regions with a high tsunami risk typically use what to warn the population before the wave reaches land?
9. There are some warning signs of an impending tsunami, and automated systems can provide warnings immediately after an earthquake in time to do what?
10.True or False? One of the most successful systems uses bottom pressure sensors that are attached to buoys. The sensors constantly monitor the pressure of the overlying water column. This is deduced through the calculation:



You have a time limit of Approximately 30 mins to complete the scavenger hunt! Good luck!