=Multi-Anime Sites(more than 1 series)
external image Project%20Bag%20for%20links%20page.jpg Here is where I have gotten some of my pictures that I have used on my website. Here they have a variety of anime series information, pictures,video game reviews, fanart,etc.The layout is nice and if you have a question, they are fast to reply! Thanks for the pics guys!!
www.animeagency.com- This is a nice site. Here you will find reviews, image galleries,a coloring book,quizzes, polls,etc.
www.we-love-anime.com (under construction)- This is a HUGE anime gallery site! The great thing is: THEY SHARE! They went and collected tons of pictures from your favorite anime and posted them on one site. They do not own the pictures, so the ones without an artist name is up for grabs! Here is where I got my Saiyuki pictures! (Everyone out there is so damn stingy about Saiyuki pics! C'mon people!!) Thanks to the host(s) of this site for the pictures I spent ALL DAY looking for!!
external image arrow%20new.gifexternal image Paranoia%20Gifs%20Links.gif This site has a HUGE amount of animated GIFS. The host of the site went around and collected tons of GIFS from different anime series. Thank you to the host for sharing all the GIFS and for taking the time to collect so many loved anime series GIFS!!
external image arrow%20new.gif http://mysticfireangel.webs.com/ This is an anime site that offers pictures, a rather large amount of various videos for different anime series, and a variety of different games to try and play!


**This** is a huge DBZ site for you DBZ fans out there! It has tons of pictures,info...you name it, this site has it! I have visited this site numerous times, it never gets boring. If you are a big DBZ fan....this is the site for you!!

Full Metal Alchemist

external image new%20gif.gif http://fullmetal-alchemist.itudia.com/fullmetal-alchemist.php: This site contains games, images, bios, etc on Full Metal Alchemist. I enjoyed my time spent on this page. Thank you for the pics!
external image new%20gif.gif external image Full%20Metal%20Alchemist%20Banner.jpg: This site contains an awesome amount of screencaps from the web host. The host uploaded the pictures manually and it must have taken forever! I really liked viewing a lot of the pics. Takes a true fan to upload ALL those pics--great job! Thank you for sharing those screencaps and allowing use of them!

Gensomaden Saiyuki Sites

www.saiyuki.com/- This is an amazing Saiyuki site. Visit this site if you are a fan of Saiyuki. This site offers so much I can't even list all of it! But some of the things this site offers is: character bios, media downloads, manga translations, images, fanfic, reviews, episode summaries,etc.
external image Saiyuki.jpg- This site offers character bios, a huge image gallery of all characters (major and minor), wallpaper, etc.

Rurouni Kenshin Sites

external image reversedswordlogo%20banner%20rurouni.jpg- This is a very nice site for any Rourouni Kenshin fans! This site offers info,gifs,pics, etc! Many thanks to the host of this site for allowing me to take some pictures in order to make wallpapers!!
www.fortunecity.com/lavender/chelmsford/178/index_e.html- This site offers Rurouni Kenshin pics and story information. Has some nice different RK pics! Thanks for the pics!
external image Scar%20Crossed%20Kenshin%20banner.jpg- This site provides TONS of Rurouni Kenshin pics, manga scans, fan art done by the host, and winamp skins. Thanks for sharing and the pics!!

Tenchi Muyo Sites

**http://www.geocities.com/carnival_ryoko** -A great Tenchi Muyo Fansite, has a decent MIDI Archive from several different series, an Image Gallery, A collection of Wallpapers that was mixed by web host, Episode Guides, Movie Guides, information, and etc.

Trigun Sites

external image Trigun%20Banner.gif- This is a trigun image gallery....tons and tons of your favorite Trigun screencaps!!

YYH Sites

external image new%20gif.gifexternal image YYHbanner.gif- This site offers tons of information, image gallery, links, and a techniques page. Be sure to check out the techniques page on this site...nice layout and very original! It's great and I love how the host presented it!! Thank you for the pics!!