How to Make a Paper Ballon!/step5/Fold-the-Diamond-sides-inward/

You are to complete the ballon in 4 minutes and you can finish it earlier to get the top score. Record your time on your answer sheet. Ballons after 4 minutes won't be accepted(one try only). For timer:
  1. How are you to fold the paper to begin?

  2. What are you to do if your paper didn't start out square?
  3. How are you to make the pyramid?
  4. How are you to form a diamond?
  5. What are you to inflate the ballon with?
  6. What are you to do in the 6th step?
  7. What are you constructing again?
  8. What items are needed to begin?
  9. How many steps are there?
  10. Was this fun?.

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