mustang.jpgkfcmY names mark i like cars, i really like goin fishin its just a lot of fun for me, kfc (only when im hungry) and hanging out with friends. My favorite color is blue obviosly if your not dumb.........The End. theres more.................... noooo theres no more

Family Guy Scavenger Hunt. This should take a maximum of 20 minutes and a minimum of 15 minutes

When was the show established?

How old is the show Family Guy?

Who are these characters? FamilyGuyMainLogo.jpg

Who was the creator?

Who are the actors?

What was the point of making this tv show?

What is the rating of this tv show?family_guy.jpg

What does the show teach you?

How many characters are in the house in family guy?

Who is stewie.jpg?


Final Project work