I Motorhead_Inferno.jpgIron_Maiden_U_Maiden_England.jpgSlayer__2012_by_AngryDogDesigns.pngsuppose my only real hobby is playing video games such as warhammer-halo- and i suppose some lotr games but not all i also like the bands megadeth iron maiden mettalica overkill and sometimes slayer

Scavenger hunt on (alien vs predator) here are a good 2 links to help you wiki alien) for the questions first a easy one is the alien brood mother larger than her children?
2. what do the predators use the acid blood from the aliens for? when was the movie released? avp1 3. how many weapons were stolen from the tomb? 4. how many human surviors 5. how many predator survivors? 6. after the temple was destroyed and the main characters escaped how many aliens are left? 7. are the alien children grown inside the bodies of other lifeforms? 8.how many mouths does a alien have? 9.was the brood mother ever freed from her prison? 10. what happens to the temple when the weapons are taken and the challenge begins? time limit to complete this is 36 min avp_02_thumb.jpgalien02.jpgQueenSack.jpg Alien_(1986)_-_Alien_queen.jpg
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