ford mustang prices and modelsgravedigger.jpgP9UTHCA201DAQCAFLMJ22CAS9V880CAXBQR33CAP1O1N0CABE1KA0CA784LM5CAIBHD2GCACDE0X1CACOLVGLCA3L52OVCAVX5HXQCACXUON1CAPA7O7OCANIKVYHCA0PLBP8CAPXMP4VCANGX2HLCAXV164K.jpgbigfoot Cars and trucks are both more or less the same but with their own unique quality such as trucks are slower but are able to move through snow ice and other things like them while cars will have trouble however cars will always be faster. the choice of wich type of vehicle you get is up to you whether its for your own satisfaction or for work. There are also other vehicles that are different such as monster trucks,boats or even planes, but seeing as this page focuses mainly on land vehicles boats and planes are a useless topic here however monster trucks are they may not be allowed on the road as regular trucks are but they do have their place for entertainment watching them crush small cars or jumping them or just hearing the engines. the links i have placed above ^ are usefull websites for all the topics i have discussed here (except for boats and planes).